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Fresh Tomato Salad

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Food Knolling

Food Plan for May 2024

Age 10 months - 20 months

Explore our thoughtfully curated food menu tailored for infants aged 10 months to 20 months! We prioritize nutritional excellence with each meal, offering a blend of textures and flavors to support your child's early development and promote healthy eating habits from a young age. Discover a variety of age-appropriate options designed to nourish the little one's growing appetite

Age 20 months and above

Welcome to our nutritious and delicious food menu designed specifically for children aged 20 months to 5 years! Our carefully crafted meals combine wholesome ingredients and child-friendly flavors to nourish growing bodies and delight young palates. Discover a variety of balanced options that cater to your child's nutritional needs and promote healthy eating habits

Food looks so much fun!

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